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​Due to the current pandemic, Rigging Services are temporarily discontinued and are scheduled to resume at the new Escondido, CA location on April 20, 2020.

Parachute Sales

Softie 240 Seat $1800
Only 4 years old, excellent condition, has options.
Aerobatic Harness, Like New
Softie Wedge Square $1000
Must have Ram Air experience. Call for details
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Dealer for National Parachutes
Call me for expert advice and dealer discounts.
Dealer for Softie Parachutes
Call me for expert advice, quick delivery and dealer discounts.

As an Authorized Dealer for Softie, Strong, and National Parachutes, I will put you in the Emergency Parachute System that is the correct parachute for You and Your airplane.

·       Glider Pilot, Air Show Pilot, Aerobatic Pilot or Warbird Pilot?

·       From 90 to 300 pounds?

·       Low speed aircraft up to 175 Kts egress speed?

I can put you in the parachute system that is right for you and your aircraft.  The purchase of an emergency parachute may be the most important purchase you ever make.  As important as an emergency parachute may be however, it must be coupled with a proper understanding of its use and its limitations.  As a pilot and former skydiving instructor, I will partner with you to make sure you purchase the right parachute, teach you how to use it safely, and fit it properly.  Once you have purchased your new parachute, I am licensed and available to provide periodic Inspections and repacks IAW FAR 91.307(a)(1).



Softie Backpack $75

Softie Seatpack $80
Strong Backpack $80
Strong Seatpack $85
Ram Air Canopy $90

Others - contact me for pricing

I am a factory trained parachute rigger and an authorized dealer for Softie, Strong, and National Parachutes.  I have been packing parachutes and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes since 1978.  I have 3600 skydives, 100 round parachute jumps, and have flown 30 different types of round and square parachutes including 4 emergency chutes.  As an FAA licensed Parachute Rigger since 2006, I operate a full-time parachute rigging loft out of Ramona Airport at Chuck Hall Aviation.  My business provides rigging services exclusively to the pilot community and I count, among my many customers, Sean D Tucker and Team Oracle.  I encourage you to partner with a proven professional with decades of real-world aviation experience.  Typical turn-around times for an inspection and repack is 2-3 shop days.


28 Ft LL, Papillion, Para Commander, Pegasus, PD 170, 260, Sabre 150, 170, 135, 120, 190, Turbo ZX, Strong 520 Tandem, Navy Conical 4-line release, Unit, Sierra, RW PC, Strato Flyer, Cruise Lite, 26 ft Lopo Reserve, Swift Reserve (jumped as a main)
, Manta, Falcon, Triathlon 190, 135,150, Lightning, Stiletto 120, 107, PD 126 Reserve, Diablo, Spectre, Sabre II, Monarch, Katana 120, 107, PD 113 Reserve, Safire and Pilot.


Aircraft Inspections


*Annual Inspections *Pre-purchase Examinations

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Softie Wedge Square $1000

Must have Ram Air experience. Call for details